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The literal meaning of Patience is one's capacity to accept tolerance,delay,problems,suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

                 How beautifully one carries thier personalityand become socialite,lively,adorable,lovable are just outcomes of patience..It is one of the trait which keeps on working even if you are not present.It helps you to come out of adverse unhealable situations with less effort.It comes when childern are brought up with love and care,by understanding them,by fulfilling their needs and trusting them..By giving them opportunity to learn and explore.And by granting them little bit authorities in their working areas.As in commerce rightly said that authority and responsibility go hand in hand.So when childern are given sufficient authority they become more responsible.They are able to fit in society more comfortably.

              It is one step which instill patience in your child itself.what we observe today is child pampered in a wrong direction.Parent,s fulfill their wishes just before they spoke out.It is one drastic way in  which child's personality is deteriorated. Their patience finishes in childhood itself.They are not able to fit in society,friend circle............what remains is isolation which leads to more impatience personalities affecting society and other's in various ways.At the end I just want to say that "He that can have patience can have what he will".